10 Reasons Why Android OS Is Better Than Symbian and IOS



The Android application improvement is the way toward making new applications for the Android OS. Applications are normally evolved in the Java utilizing Android Software Development Kit. From the previous few years around 200,000 Android applications have been created by the designers for the utilization of the clients to make the Android telephones more shrewd with more extensive highlights. Android improvement has prompted the blasting of the new applications which the clients can use for their every day purposes causing them from house exercises to treatment of organizations. Google at first aided in the improvement of the Android and after which it uncovered the Open Handset Alliance which was a consortium of around 86 equipment. Since 2010 the Android have become the main advanced cell stage for the clients in contrast with Symbian and IOS.

Android OS is from various perspectives better than the Symbian and iOS.

1. Better User Interface

Dissimilar to the iPhone OS, Android UI has been persistently creating and improving throughout the long term. With Android 4.0, Google has made the UI considerably more creative and exquisite. The great element of the OS is route catches, which makes it simpler for the client to explore around the telephone. Dissimilar to the iPhone with just a single route button (Home Button), Android telephones have back, menu, and performing various tasks catches, which gives a superior UI along these lines making Android more easy to understand.

2. Processor speed

The Gossipfunda is quicker and better than Symbian and iOS in light of the processor speed. The Android work on double center processors which adds a ton of uses with incredible speed.

3. Web Speed

At the point when we look at the default program of the Android with Symbian and iOS here too Android wins as different programs accompany confounded calculations which eases back the Internet spreed. Notwithstanding, Android program accompanies visual bookmarks, which is convenient and simple to use with smooth stream on data.

4. More applications

The Android is created by Giant Google which uphold right around 500000 applications rather Symbian is created by Nokia, which is installed with restricted applications as it makes them subject to Nokia. Android gives the experience of Google schedule, Google earth, Google voice, Google interpreter, Blogger and Chrome. With the increment of the progression of utilizations on the lookout, the Android accompanies ideal mix of these applications for the comfort of the clients. The Symbian and iOS has restricted applications binding their utilization.

5. Change firmware

In Symbian OS, you can never change the firmware, yet in Android OS you can transform it any time the manner in which you need and effectively introduce the updates which permits you to utilize more applications.

6. Numerous screen consoles

In Android you can change the screen consoles the way that is simple and separated from this you can introduce Gingerbread to Froyo and from Swype to Honeycomb. With one tab you can pick numerous spelling recommendations and erasing a word or adding. While in Symbians and iOS doesn’t accompany this customization highlights of new console establishment.

7. Performing various tasks framework

The Android applications accompany such a structure which give all key API’s including things like getting to the communication framework, sharing and accepting information just as warnings. The Symbian and iOS doesn’t give you the performing various tasks framework.

8. More prominent fan-base

The Android has significantly more extraordinary fan-base, which is coordinated with Google administrations while as Symbian and iOS have not a particularly bigger fan-base.

9. Live applications and gadgets

The Android OS chips away at Linux which gives huge things like virtual memory and force the executives. The Androids are planned with rich and adjustable substance which permits the clients to experience live application content through intelligent gadgets. This likewise helps store more information than Symbians and iOS.

10. New Platform Developer Kit

The “Stage Developer Kit” is a truly keen move by Google considering its huge producer and accomplice base. You don’t regularly consider equipment something that can be “opened,” yet the capacity to establish the essential parts of Android with one straightforward pack will make it a lot simpler for equipment organizations to begin expanding on new forms of the stage.

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