Boosting Your Online Christmas Sales



Australians spent $22 billion over the Christmas period in 2006, and this figure is expected to rise this season. What is your business doing to secure its share of these profits?

Email communication is a great way to remind your customers of your business and strengthen your relationships to encourage them to spend some of their Christmas cash with you. Creating a simple email and sending it out to your database of contacts will only take you a couple of hours and could generate thousands of dollars in extra revenue for your business.

Here are some great email marketing strategies you can use to get more customers this Christmas:

Send a Christmas Ecard

Printing and posting traditional Christmas cards to all your customers is time-consuming and very costly – so why not use email marketing to send ecards to your entire database quickly and cost-effectively? An ecard is simply an el emeği satış  greeting card which can have pictures, animations and music. A simple ecard with a picture of you and your staff dressed up in Christmas outfits and a Christmas carol as background music is a fun way to thank your customers for their support and to put your business at the top of their mind for Christmas shopping. If you use the Bloomtools Ezy Communicator email marketing system, you can send one of our christmas ecards, or our graphic designers can create a professional ecard for your business to use this holiday season. Contact us immediately for more information on this.

Send a Christmas promotion

All consumers love sales and offers, so a great way to attract business is to run a promotion.

Why not send out a special voucher exclusively to your email list? Not only will this make them feel special and encourage them to purchase, it can easily be promoted through email marketing.

Some of the most successful holiday season promotions are:


  • free shipping,
  • free gift wrapping,
  • a free gift
  • ‘bring a friend for free to a special client sale evening’ (which gives you the opportunity to add the friend to your database to make them a regular).


Once you’ve chosen your promotion, create an eye-catching email to send to your database with details of the offer and how they can redeem it.

Send a Christmas-themed newsletter

Email Newsletters are one of the most effective database marketing strategies that a business can use to build a loyal customer base. If your business sends regular newsletters to your database, you should send a Christmas-themed edition to boost your holiday season sales. The content for this edition should of course be centered around Christmas, so include some:


  • Christmas recipes (here are some great ones)
  • Gift ideas for all the family (featuring your products)
  • Christmas events in your area (if your customers are locals)
  • Christmas tips related to you area of expertise (“Finances over the Holiday Season” from an accountant or “Choosing the perfect Christmas Party Outfit” from a fashion retailer)


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