Online Tutorials – How to Make Money From Them



How can you make money from online tutorials? Well the fact is, you aren’t actually focusing on making money from them, you’re using them to make money in another way. You are looking to sell products. Let’s look at eBay. Say you have an eBay store that is selling, for instance, specialist cleaning products. A description and photo alone isn’t necessarily going to sell the product, unless it’s something that people are looking for specifically.

If people are looking to buy a product that makes windows sparkle and you have a video demonstrating the fact, much like a TV advert, they are more likely to buy from you because they have seen the product work for themselves.

If you’re selling nail polish, again, unless it is a specific item that people are looking to buy, you won’t necessarily make sales. If you demonstrate how to apply, show the drying time and the actual shade as it appears out of the bottle and onto your nail, you might prick some interest from people who otherwise may have clicked away.

These are just a couple of instances of products, but the YouTube / eBay crossover using video Online Tutorial is a viable way to make money in many product areas.

The benefit you have over TV advertising is that you’re a real person who isn’t acting. You aren’t just selling a product, you’re showing people first hand how to use it. Think QVC and other shopping channels, why do they sell so much stuff? It’s because people can see a product being demonstrated by people they like and trust, i.e. the presenters.

It won’t work for everyone however, don’t think that just by uploading some product tutorials to YouTube that your eBay store is going to sell out of goods. If your tutorials are monotone and dull, people will not only click to someone else’s video, they won’t tell their friends about it. Not in a good way at least.

Anyone looking to make tutorials to sell products should look to successful business woman and entrepreneur Lauren Luke. Lauren became an internet superstar through her cosmetic application tutorials. They came about due to her eBay customers requesting help using the products they were buying from her. Lauren uploaded her videos to YouTube and they soon went viral.

Something to take note of about Lauren’s huge success (she now has her own make-up range: “By Lauren Luke”) is her style of video tutorial. She’s natural, friendly, not pedantic in the least.

The key aspects for Lauren Luke’s success are 1. Her natural ability to teach make-up application, 2. Her. It’s her ability and personality that has made her such a success. People like Lauren Luke, and that is something essential in making money from products sales via online tutorials.


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