The Porsche Carrera GT – A Tarmac Abusing Monster!



When Porsche release the 2005 Carrera GT it was clear that this was going to be a road legal race car. But what I have found that what makes the Carrera GT a racing car was not the fact that its got a huge V10 engine which compliments the lightweight carbon fiber structure of the Porsche but its the shear cost of the this car, it is in excess of £200,000 this is what makes the Carrera GT a race car nothing else but a street legal tarmac eating monster!

When Porsche introduced the Carrera GT in 2004 they had already got plans on making it the Porsche super car of 2005 but they needed to make more user friendly, they had to make the seats adjustable where as before you could not adjust the height on them but not only that they decided to add some more support in to the seats just to give you that little bit extra comfort while driving to work.

The Porsche Carrera GT is so recognizable with its sleek stylish design and being slung on the deck makes it look mean and well you can just start to imagine the handling capabilities of such a sports car, and yet we have not even opened a door or even looked through the tinted windows of it yet. The interior is just as stunning as the exterior. The the low looks of this stunning roadster the Porsche la carrera panamericana GT is perfect for that summer driving and because the two panels are removable and can be easily stored out of harms way it means you can enjoy the sunshine and also be OK for when the weather turns. This is really a slick looking roadster.

The Porsche Carrera GT comes with a massive 5.7 litre engine which is producing 605 horsepower from its huge V10 engine, the noise it makes can only be described as sublime it has the purr of a contented cat yet the grunt of an unhappy pensioner. With the chassis being of the monocoque design this gives a lightweight yet strong combination which is continuously reflected throughout the Carrera GT”s build. The Porsche Carrera GT is the first production car to take the ceramic clutch from a racing car and use it on a road legal production car this just goes even more in the favour that this is just a racing car with a number plate!

Porsche have taken their knowledge from the track and developed it into their road cars and the Carrera GT has just that with its aerodynamic and suspension set up for the track this makes the Carrera a very stable and above all safe sports car to drive and at 205mph you want to have that confidence.

Just by taking a look at the Carrera’s suspension components you can see that is way more sophisticated than the average sports car and that is because the Porsche designers have made each suspension component aerodynamic and lightweight by using such materials as magnesium. The Carrera’s wheels are massive and because of their size Porsche have made them out of magnesium as well just to keep the weight down and not compromise the strength, just by doing this they are making a faster car but not compromising on safety.

The performance of a Porsche Carrera GT can only br drscribed as breathtaking it can go from stand still to 62mph in under 4 seconds and it can carry on till 100mph and get there in under 7 seconds and when we took it out we got a track speed of 205mph

With all this power Porsche have used their racing history and developed a hi tec braking system which most race cars are use to having which its 15 inch ceramic brake disks and the 6 pot callipers it really is unbelievable the speed in which you can stop in. The low centre of gravity and the lightweight engine only weighing in at 217kg the Carrera GT really handles like its on rails. The lightning quick acceleration just seems to compliment the short sharp stopping power of this truly beautiful sports car.


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