Weight Loss Products – Which One To Buy?



Are you looking to buy a weight loss product? It’s easy. Simply march along to your local pharmacy and there you will find hundreds of them on the shelf.

Or you can buy online. Here you have almost unlimited choice. But…

…Which weight loss product should you buy?

Well, if you are looking to me for an honest answer, it is — NONE! Well anyway not one that involves stuffing yourself with drugs and supplements.

You may think that I am not being too helpful here but before you go out and buy any weight loss product you should understand exactly what each product contains and what effect it will have on your body.

There is no end to the weight loss products for sale on the web, but it is important to understand which one is right for you.

This article discusses the weight loss products available and whether drugs should be used as a weight loss method at all.

Let’s get started by trying to explain the different type of weight loss drugs available.

phenq review drugs fall into three major types. However some manufacturers may combine two or all of these into one product.

1. Metabolism stimulants (fat burners). As the name suggests these contain stimulants that can increase your metabolism. This causes your body to burn calories at a faster rate – which is what you might think you are trying to achieve, but side effects could include a fluctuating heart rate, anxiety, and high blood pressure.

2. Blockers. These have the effect of preventing your body from absorbing the nutrients in your diet and converting them into calories. Usually they are quite simply laxatives. Put simply — and I hope not too crudely — they make sure that your food goes through you so fast that your body does not get the chance to absorb any fats and carbohydrates.

You must be careful with these as they can also prevent your body from absorbing essential vitamins and minerals. Also they cause dehydration — which is dangerous in itself. I guess one useful side effect is that you might get some exercise running to the bathroom — but it is not my idea of fun!

3. Appetite suppressants. As the name suggests these are designed to stop you eating too much and giving in to cravings and bingeing. They may also contain calorie-burning stimulants like caffeine — with effects similar to drinking an excess of coffee.

So — do you still think that drugs could be the answer to your weight problem? I hope not!

However if you are thinking that way be sure that you identify the ingredients of the drug that you are using and watch out for the side effects. Of course if you are in any doubt you should seek medical advice.

I would never advocate the use of drugs to assist weight loss. Nor do I have anything to do with crash diets. Dieting very rarely works. In fact in my experience it NEVER works!

I don’t know of anybody who has just used dieting alone to lose weight – and keep it off!

My approach to fat loss involves the use of programs and plans that use the body’s own natural processes for losing weight. I am sure that the only real way to get your body back to a permanently healthy state — and have it stay that way — is through very simple lifestyle changes.


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