Where Are the Best Big Cat Safaris in India and Sri Lanka?



Aside from snow panthers, which without a doubt should be on each natural life aficionado’s ‘to see’ list, the accompanying parks and holds in India and Sri Lanka offer the absolute best untamed life sightings for large felines.


India is for sure the place where there is the tiger, with some magnificent tiger saves tracked down right from the Himalayan lower regions to the stores in the profound south.

Nagarhole close to Mysore is an awe inspiring natural life save and one of the best tiger living spaces in Asia. There are some magnificent hotels and extravagance camps here and Nagarhole fits in well with a visit through South India and Kerala.

The popular tiger stores of Central India like Bandhavgarh, Kanha, Pench, and Tadoba remain incredibly remunerating regarding tiger sightings, however are occupied for this very explanation. Kanha stays a top choice with two outstanding camps – Shergarh and Flame of the Forest – and extraordinary aides.

Pench (see the BBC arrangement: Tiger: Spy in the Jungle) has a delectable new camp considered Jamtara Wilderness that has opened at the northern finish of the recreation center. With just 5 jeeps permitted from the entryway, and not another hotel or camp nearby, you have this excellent scope of the recreation center north of the Pench stream to yourself. The best part is that you can get to different scopes of the recreation center from here. Jamtara is a helpful connection between Tadoba Tiger Reserve or Kanha and my #1 tiger save – Satpura.

Satpura: One of the biggest, most out of control, and least known about the tiger saves, Satpura offers the best wild involvement with tiger country. You can stroll here, or go for an exciting 2 or 3 night journey across the recreation center consummation at the most noteworthy point in Central India; investigate the woods edge by kayak, and experience game drives where you might be the lone jeep in sight for extensive stretches. Tigers are timid and unhabituated to jeeps and individuals, and are in this manner less noticeable than in different parks, however Satpura is best for panthers, wild canines, sloth bears, monster squirrels, gaur, and birds. The best part is that the special the travel industry model permits you to investigate the wilderness practically without help from anyone else and experience the valuable delight of being distant from everyone else in the tiger country. Join Satpura with Corbett for a remarkable tiger safari.

Corbett: A totally stunning tiger hold in the lower regions of the Himalayas east of Delhi that offers the chance of living inside the tiger save in disengaged quality with your master guide and cook and assistant. It offers a phenomenal method to encounter the wilderness, and you can consolidate this with looking for the strong mahseer, and strolling in the beautiful center Himalayas of the Kumaon area.

Ranthambhore: For anybody going in Rajasthan who needs to incorporate a tiger safari, Ranthambhore is the most helpful save. It’s an exceptionally excellent park and natural life rich, with an air fortification ruling the scene, and heartfelt vestiges thronw through the wilderness. Tiger densities and sightings are astounding, and ongoing new guidelines currently guarantee a substantially more pleasant involvement with this bustling park. There are two little and extremely lovely camps here – Sherbagh and Khem Villas that brag amazing convenience, food, and aides.

Asian Leopards

The Sri Lanka Zone parks have made a name for the perceivability of panthers – a particular race from the Indian panther. Yala is the most renowned and keeping in mind that it is surely excellent, it is likewise the most swarmed.

Willapattu: My number one park in Sri Lanka. Since a long time ago forgotten in view of the common conflict, this exceptional park is extremely advantageous for any agenda to Anuradhapura. A flawless extravagance versatile camp gives the ideal base to investigate this park, and panther sightings are normal. It is as yet an extraordinarily calm park and there are days when you could have the recreation center to yourself.

Bera and Siana in Rajasthan: I have gotten so acclimated with seeing panthers inside secured woods that I fail to remember how versatile and generally spread this incredible feline is. In the dry and striking stone studded scene that is the home of brilliant shepherd networks in south eastern Rajasthan are two areas where panthers and people exist in relative congruity outside of any natural life asylum. In Bera, we have watched youngsters strolling to class saw by a panther on a stone only a few of hundred yards away – the two players agreeable in one another’s quality. Here, another and extravagant camp called Jawai Leopard Camp offers the ideal base to watch panthers and experience a genuinely perpetual and beautiful district of India. Siana, which is likewise in similar rough slopes, offers a more essential and greater camp with the additional fascination of some amazing riding.

Satpura Tiger Reserve: In Central India, this delightful and bumpy save upholds an enormous number of truly obvious panthers – alongside the significantly more infrequently seen sloth bears. Sightings are astounding both inside the recreation center and in the cradle zone woods which are gotten to on night drives.

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve: In the lower regions of the picturesque Nilgiri Mountains and near Ooty, the support zone woodlands of this park are awesome for panther sightings and wild elephants, hyena, and sloth bear. This park can be joined with Nagarhole for a marvelous south India untamed life safari.

Asiatic Lions

Not many individuals even realize that lions exist in Asia. Terminated through the remainder of its Asian reach, Panthera leo persica was crashed into oust in a little corner of the Western Indian territory of Gujarat and secured by the leader of the recent royal province of Junagadh. The current populace quantities of just about 400 are as yet restricted to the Gir National Park. The tale of the Gir lions is an amazing one just like their conjunction with the nearby steers herders called maldharis. Our lion safaris likewise incorporate the other interesting natural life and scenes of Gujarat including the last populace of the Indian Wild Ass in the Rann of Kutch, the different untamed life of the broad Banni Grasslands, and the little part that is all that survives from the once immense savannahs of Gujarat that help blackbuck and bluebull gazelle, hyena, wildboar, wolf, and wild felines. Also, in the colder time of year, terrific get-togethers of transitory harriers.


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